About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Quality Products In A Family Friendly Environment!

Regardless if you are new to the hobby, or well-established, Forest Lake Hydro has the best quality products for your needs. Some stores have a vibe that didn’t align with our store, so we made sure that Forest Lake Hydro is the best family-friendly store in the state! Located conveniently within Forest Lake Pets, we have a laid-back approach while giving your family things to look at while you shop!

Our Company

Forest Lake Hydro has the best supplies such as:

  • Hydroponic Fertilizer
  • Coco Fertilizer
  • Soil Fertilizer
  • Hydroponic Media
  • Clone Gel
  • Pest Control
  • Mycorrhizae Fungi Products
  • Rooting Plug
  • High Output LED’s
  • Timers
  • Grow Tents
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Carbon Filters
  • Pots, saucers and domes
  • Honestly, EVERYTHING you will need for hydroponic success!

We Proudly Carry Major Brands Such As:

Forest Lake Hydro is located inside of Forest Lake Pets in Forest Lake, MN. Forest Lake Hydro is the area’s leading supplier of all your hydroponic needs from simple pieces to improve your setup, all the way to entire systems!

We pride ourselves on being not only a family-friendly shop but also the area’s top choice for all your hydroponic needs!

Forest Lake Hydro is open 6 days a week inside Forest Lake Pets!

  • Monday: 12 pm- 7 pm
  • Tuesday: 12 pm- 7 pm
  • Wednesday: 12 pm- 7 pm
  • Thursday: 12 pm- 7 pm
  • Friday: 12 pm- 7 pm
  • Saturday: 12 pm- 5 pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

Interested? Stop By and See What We have!

We are open from Monday-Saturday! Stop in to see what we have to offer!!!

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